Refuge Kids 2020

Jonathan Brooks   -  

Refuge Church believes one of its most important God given, biblical responsibilities is to disciple the next generation God has given us. Therefore, we are expanding our children’s ministry to include a biweekly Sunday evening children’s event called Refuge Kids. We want Refuge Kids to be a place where children can grow in their faith in meaningful ways, develop friendships, and have a good time participating in fun and energetic games.

The main goal of every week will be to teach the truths of God’s Word and help them see the glory of Christ found on its pages. Our prayer is that what we do on Sunday evenings will equip these children to grow and flourish as followers of Jesus, wherever he may take them later in life. By God’s grace, we want to help their roots grow deep, so that one day their branches can grow wide for the glory of Christ.

We believe that these objectives are most effectively accomplished by ensuring that the teaching content will be on their level and taught in a way that grabs and keeps their attention. That teaching will also be reinforced through crafts, activities, and rewards for working on memorizing passages of Scripture. These smaller group contexts will allow volunteer leaders to work closely with each child, answering their questions, and helping them grow in their understanding of God’s Word.

Each week Refuge Kids will also have game time. Games are a valuable tool for connecting children to each other and to their leaders. We believe the relationships that children develop with each other and their leaders will motivate them to come back each week to learn more about the Jesus we’re proclaiming! We want every child we encounter to know and trust Jesus Christ. That’s the hope and prayer of Refuge Kids!